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me, when I got into his head and whispered into his ear. "Go and ask why this girl if she wants to lick," We were so hot, lost, and everything was so curious that does not seem like an unusual thing to say. I saw my wife to crawl over the bed and talk to the girls and immediately dropped his face between her legs to her pussy girls shaving. Honestly, it was an amazing show. After years of talking about the taste of another woman, my wife finally the tongue where she wanted. that moved behind my wife and lifted her skirt above her ass and took turns licking and fingering their turn to watch from behind and stop and look at his work in theanother woman pussy. I saw her push two fingers into her and she works in and out, as I have been moments before. The other woman had placed her face with her male friend sucking cock while my wife worked in a partner. As this happened, and while the girls licked, began to groan and buckle gently took another couple of the room and lay down near us. The man lifted the woman 's skirt and spread her legs in a way that shows her shaved pussy open directly to me, as it crouched behind my wife. He kissed her and fingering her, but her legs seemed like an open invitation. I politely asked, " Would you lick me?" She answered both "yes please". So, while my wife worked in pussy brunette in the thirties, I started this before, forties, teenist blonde, while her husband was playing with her breasts. I teenist sucked her clit hard and lick and lick it and her pussy lips as she got bigger and biBruges, open and wet and damp. Shaving, because it seemed very teenist open and excited. Finally, rub the entire length of the face - nose, the eyes of many - dripping wet between her lips and pushed two fingers inside. I do not know if teenist it really was, but teenist it certainly seemed to be enjoying the teenist winds and panting a lot and always wet. At one point his partner stopped me and asked if he could play with my wife, so teenist he smiled and said : At that time my wife had gone fully into the tip of the vulnerable child, because " They ask, ". had licked and rubbed her breasts a
Quotes ainst her and kissed her lips. When I went to my blonde, I lost sight of what 's happening in the other. However, another man, not the husband, was kissing and touching the breasts of the woman he was working, and then seemed to disappear. Sometimes, it all seemed so unreal, as if everything disappeared and I awoke from a wet dream. , but it was real, the blonde I lIcking stood and grabbed my cock. Could she smiled and said thanks for the flight and asked if I suck. The left, of course, but it was quickly realized that I was very excited and I come to the slightest touch. I was not sure if you would like to come in your mouth, or so soon, so I took to my mouth. " I will," he said. " The point is, " he said, but left before I could get my control back in your mouth and I started to spray jets of semen on the mattress or in their hands. teenist You did not say anything, let's go back teenist and have a drink at the bar, but I turned and saw my wife lying on her back away to lick my blond man between her legs. I said I thought he must be to see and make sure I was OK, that was our first time, he said, and the blonde said it was for them. She let me see, and there was no jealousy or wounded in the observation of other men lick the pussy of my wife, only excitement and joy to finally seesomething like that after years of fantasy. Perhaps because he saw that I could crawl on my wife and put his penis in your face I see with his cock in his hands and then I went to where he had gone to her beautiful, wet lips and began to leak. I've always loved my wife with another man to do, and here we were doing. As I licked and fingers, she moved with her ​​legs in joy, and I heard her tell people about it. "Come on my tits " It was very exciting to hear the call in the sperm of another man, I almost turned left. From where I was, between her legs, I could see to shake and jerk of his coming to her. It was a fabulous view. It was a fabulous night. Soon he left and took each other in many ways at our hotel until dawn, touching on the things they saw and did. I think it's a very good chance we will do it again.


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Cliché much, we had discussed playing with other years, usually in our inhibitions "artificially " low. Recently, in an overnight trip without the kids having pornography on the Internet and otherwise, we set the mood. At midnight, my wife looked at a woman in the hotel bar fuck I wanted and tried to flash a bit of underwear -less. A Google and found a phone, it's a swingers club in town and there was no night for the couple. Heart- to- shock, we took a taxi to an anonymous office building in a suburb of the city. At first we were disappointed, the club seemed almost empty and the clientele discreet little place. A guided tour of an empty room " of couples and dungeons was less than inspiring, until he showed us the " anything goes "area, where from a small bunch of teenist people's lives seemed doomed from each other. It was hard to say teenist how many were in the pile, but memorable was the sight of a woman in an all- fours beaten from behind. If you've never seen other people having sex in the flesh before it can be embarrassing to be honest the first time. We had a drink and something more, and took us to a locked room where licking your fingers after a hard few, sucked and we got a little braver. Then we dressed and went through the small window in the bedroom of the couple, where a couple started in the thirties, having sex cause a great mattress. I touched my wife in the hollow of his shorts as he watched the couple and another man while I watched. So we decided to go into the room. My wife went to bed, opened her skirt and spread her legs and began sucking and licking her pussy and fingers, they get very wet. For the mirrors on the walls that the other partner may already in the room to see, was to suck the cock with her and then bend down on her. After a couple entered the room and type starsTed licked his partner. It was, frankly, freaky, and then move to have sex with two other couples. lick my wife 's clit is hard and rubbing the top of the inside of her teenist pussy very wet and very teenist active, sometimes causing a jet and jet. She was always close at this ti